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Wire maintenance attention seven major issues wire

Issuing time:2018-10-18 10:34

The load is also called "overload". Wires also have their own power regulations. If it is overloaded, the thin wire can cause a fire by passing a large current. Indoor installation of open line, the ambient temperature should not be higher than 35 °C. Use wires in the safe current carrying of the wires so that the wires do not overheat. However, when the power consumption exceeds the safe current carrying capacity of the wire, the wire will heat up. The heat generated by the wire is proportional to the square of the current intensity. If the current intensity is increased by 2 times, the heat is increased by 4 times than the original, which will cause the wire to overheat and easily Causes a fire.


The main reasons for the overload of the wires are:


1. The new line selection line is too thin and the section is small;


2. Add any load on the old line;


3. The fuse is not properly selected. The fuse is finely selected, often power off, which is not conducive to power supply; the fuse is thickened, the fuse is constantly overloaded, causing overheating to burn the wire insulation layer, and is also prone to fire.


Wire maintenance attention to seven major issues


1. Do not get wet, exposed to heat, corroded or bruised.


2, the wire used to a certain number of years to pay attention to inspection, found faulty, should be replaced in time.


3, the wire should not be overloaded.


4. Always check the use of electrical and wiring in your home and carry out maintenance and overhaul in a timely manner.


5. For the lines of old-fashioned buildings, it is found that it is submerged or wetted by water, especially if the line is old and disrepaired, it should be immediately repaired by an electrician.


6. For lines that are easily immersed in floods, the electrician should be asked to move the line and take elevated and moisture-proof measures.


7. If there is a power outage on a rainy day, the power should be cut off immediately. Ask the electrician to check the cause and send someone to take care of it.


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